Make Like a Tree and Leave

Make Like a Tree and Leave


It looks like Dr. David will be “graduating” from Harvard and getting a job-job at MathWorks, makers of the popular scientific software package MATLAB. His offer is still contingent upon background and reference checks, but his fourth interview on Friday went well and he should be good to go. With this new job, he will remain in Boston and enjoy a nice pay bump. He’ll no longer need to do math just for food anymore. With this move he will be leaving academia, which for him has spanned thirteen years and encompassed study and work at Rochester, NIH, Purdue and Harvard. We wish him well as he departs the ivory tower and enters the real world, where I’m sure that he will do very well.

Meanwhile back here on the farm, Ma and Pa Kettle are making last minute preparations for the imminent arrival of Jay and Carl. Jay has a conference in town and will combine business with pleasure and extend their visit and do some sightseeing. Too bad the Cards couldn’t provide any face-to-face baseball.

This Could Be Awkward

This Could Be Awkward

What to do when a hundred pounds of blubber and bone comes streaking towards you, right at your nether parts? Why panic, of course. Don’t worry though, because no seals or humans were harmed in the making of this photograph. It is all an optical illusion. The seal is actually swimming away from the seated people, whose reflections make it look as if a collision is imminent. It is just one of those odd photos that no one notices until later.