Rainy Day Cabin Activities

I was driving back to the cabin from Meijer’s, when the rainstorm first hit. Actually, I was on Forest Side Road, the worst place to be. It was a real frog-choker. Visibility dropped to near zero and there was so much water on the road that even at 20 MPH, the car was throwing up twin rooster tails. I eventually, made it back to the cabin. I grabbed the few bags of frozen food and made my dash for the door. I was greeted by the above pictured activities. Everyone had found something to do. The rain eventually moved on, but then with the passing of the front, the wind picked up and the temperature began to drop, not a really good beach day. It is a good thing that Dan is immersed in his game with Dave, because even though it is whitecaps out on the lake, as far as the eye can see, I just saw another sailboat whip down the beach. It was flying. Sometimes discretion is the better part of valor.

Road Work

Road Work

We eventually launched towards town, following today’s general exodus from the beach. Recycling, laundry and Meijer’s was the day’s itinerary, which we accomplished with practiced efficiency. We first encountered the pictured digger on the way into town. Then it was working the uphill portion of the Green Tunnel Road. We stopped to speak with the operator, who kind of explained-complained that someone on this road had asked the local phone company to repair the damage to the road that had been inflicted last year when they laid their fiber. We deigned not to mix our gripe with his whine, that they had backhoed our old phone line when they installed our neighbor’s new fiber line. When we returned from town, the digger was parked near our outhouse sans driver. Was he using the biffy? Would he leave a quarter when he was done? As it turned out, he was at lunch. He soon returned, accompanied by a dump truck full of gravel. No word yet, when anyone on our road will see any new faster Internet, let alone us, who are currently sitting at the end of a long line of people, while waiting our turn to get onto the information superhighway. One ringy dingy… two ringy dingy. Have I reached the party to whom I am speaking?

Nice Ass Person Award

Nice Ass Person Award Winner

On Wednesday, 6 Mile Road was closed for construction. They are replacing the two bridges over the Waiska River and now through Labor Day everyone must detour south to M-28 over Forrest Side Road and Piche Road. Today, that construction precipitated a shopping bonanza for Brimley. First, we went to Sugar Daddy for some breakfast goodies for this weekend. Next to it is a new clothing store called Up North Apparel, it is not yet fully operating yet, so we will have to check back in a few weeks, when they should be ready. Our next stop was the NAPA auto parts/hardware store where we bought a staple gun. Finally, we hit Four Seasons also-known-as the state park store for a loaf of bread. The staple gun was for squirrel duty. Even though we haven’t heard or seen the squirrel in more than a week, Anne was determined to make sure said rodent does not gain access to the cabin again. Lo and behold though, upon returning to the cabin, we soon realized that there were not any staples around. So, I sent Anne back to NAPA in Brimley to buy some. Every project requires at least two trips to the hardware store, don’t you know. When she returned, she regaled me with her tale of getting a cute girl discount. The staples were regularly $6.05, but she only had to pay $1.05. She went back to the hardware store wearing Harry’s old overalls, which together with her winning personality earned her the Nice Ass Person Award discount. It even said that on the receipt, NAPA. We took turns on the ladder nailing back some trim and firmly stapling down the hardware cloth. We are feeling pretty good about this work, because this area of the cabin, is where Anne earlier saw the squirrel inside the cabin and before we fixed it, she was able to get her hand in the cabin that way too.

False Alarm

A Mister Red T Rodent Es-squirrel Wannabe

This morning, while we were still lying-in bed… Why do these squirrel tales always involve us still being bed? I mean it wasn’t even that late and it was cold this morning, like it has been cold almost every morning this summer. When is it going to warm up some? Anyway, Anne was on her phone, probably playing Wordle, when first we heard the distinctive skittering of a squirrel overhead. It began at the far side of the sleeping porch, over by the door and approached us until it was directly overhead. I yelled and it skittered away, back the way it had come. I got up and was trying to pinpoint the sound, when I noticed out of the corner of my eye, said squirrel climbing down from the roof, on the outside of the cabin. It mustn’t have been unable to see me standing right in front of it, in the darkened cabin, because it crawled around for a while, before heading up the outside of the chimney and out of sight. This activity was enough to rouse Anne, who went outside to yell at the squirrel, which evoked some chittering from it. So, all-in-all I guess that you would have to say that this event was only a false alarm, but it does serve to illustrate how frayed our nerves are over this whole rodent situation. When will we find peace again?