Saint Louis Art Fair 2023

Saint Louis Art Fair, Tanya Kirouac, 2023

Art for art’s sake? No! Show me the money. Earlier this summer, I went to the Ann Arbor art fair, which was huge by comparison. This one was much smaller, only a few hundred artists. Really, it is so small that it does not deserve the moniker Saint Louis Art Fair. There are plenty of other art fairs around town and across the summer of similar size. It is sometimes called the Clayton art fair, but since Clayton is the county seat, I guess that gives it the right to represent the whole city. My quibbling aside, it was a beautiful day for a fair. We walked from home, around the whole fair and then back home again. I got my steps in and on the heels of yesterday’s Gyro class. Amber alert! I am going to be feeling it tomorrow. This year marks the thirtieth anniversary for this fair. Every year, they pick one artist’s work to be featured on the fair’s poster. In this juried fair, that artist gets an automatic invite for the following year. This year, because of the special anniversary, it seemed that all the past honorees were invited back. 

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