Mete Justice at the Butcher’s


US Attorney Jack Smith’s goal was to mete out justice, or rather “meat” out justice. This dichotomy was Harry’s biggest takeaway from yesterday’s J6 indictment hoopla. His take was that our republic is falling apart and civilization is crumbling. I’m sure that the TV talking head said mete and not meat, but Harry is quite deaf and totally reliant on the TV’s accompanying closed captioning, which read meat. He went on and on about this to such an extent that it overshadowed the monumental seriousness of the whole event and interjected some much needed levity. Not that we were not already giddy with excitement. A former Spanish teacher and a lifelong student of language, Harry was mortified by this transposition of two similar sounding words. He comes from the eras of Edward R Morrow and Walter Cronkite and these MSNBC machine generated subtitles just were not up to snuff. He eventually calmed down and we bade him goodnight. Anyway, Trump is going to jail.

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