Navigating Difficult Terrain

The Terrain in Spain Falls Mainly on the Plain

With first the Writer’s strike and now SAG’s walkout Dan has been missing a lot of work this year. His main squeeze, his union carpenter’s job has become of little value because of these labor disputes. This has forced him to develop some side hustles. One line that he is pursuing is that of drone camera operator. This is a vocation that Dan and Britt first pursued during the pandemic. He has a line on a guy who wants to produce a fan fiction Indiana Jones movie. He spoke with Dan about using him to film a car chase scene, replete with Nazis or some such. He does not have much budget, but he does have some budget. This project is just in the talking stage, but if it were to come to fruition, it would be their first drone gig and an important addition to their resumes.

Yesterday, Dan and Britt went to Naomikong for a hike and to fly their new and much more portable little drone. Afterwards, when Dan was reviewing his footage, he showed me the above video that he had shot earlier at Joshua Tree. I was able to wheedle the above clip from him for this post. It has no sound. While they were out there Dan snagged another gig, with the outfit that runs Warhammer 40K tournaments. They do the 40K Las Vegas Open, where Dan first hooked up with them. They had asked Dan to design some new 40K terrain for them and just this week he got paid for that work. While he was hiking, they called and offered him another gig. Dan figures that if he can do the work in two weeks, he would be earning a living wage. Last night, he was so giddy about this new opportunity that it was all that we could do not to terrain on his parade. 

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