Whitefish Point

Happy Anniversary, Happy Anniversary, Happy, Happy Anniversary! Yesterday, was our Anniversary and we celebrated it with a bit of a road trip and some birding. Who says that after forty-three years, I still don’t know how to show a girl a good time? Our first stop after gassing-up for the the day’s adventure was to da-dump-da-dump-da-dump-da-dump! Where we received very excellent Native American valet trash service. Our next stop was at the Dancing Crane Coffee Shop for a pair of Lattes and a bag of beans to go. From there, I took her all the way to Paradise [insert joke here], by way of the Curly Lewis Scenic Byway, along the shore of Gitche Gumee, oh baby, baby. We had a hearty lunch there and then headed up to Whitefish Point. We were hunting the Piping Plover, a small and endangered bird in the sandpiper family that nests there. Whitefish Point has a historic lighthouse and the Great Lakes Shipwreck Museum. Neither of which did we do on this trip. It was cold, windy and foggy, but not foggy enough to activate the light station’s foghorn. The white lighthouse was difficult to see against the white fog background. We headed out onto the wide expanse of the beach at the very tip of Whitefish Point. Much of this area was fenced off from humans to protect the endangered Piping Plover, a kind of bird, who nests among the sand and small rocks that makes up most of the point. We had rounded the pointy tip of the point and still had not seen any plovers, when Anne first saw one of these tiny birds scurrying about. She got the two photos with this post. The Ruddy Turnstone is a new bird for us. We saw one of the wire enclosures that are placed around a nest for the bird’s protection, but no birds were nesting there. We had had more luck last year, but, it was a good outing.

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