Summer Solstice

Ted Drewes

Yesterday, to celebrate the longest day of the year, we went to Ted Drewes. I had my usual chocolate chip concrete (I know that I am boring, but I like it.) and Anne had one of their specialty concretes, Cardinal Sin, which includes hot fudge and cherries. For the uninitiated, Ted Drewes sells a frozen custard in a cup that they call concretes, which is not the same as ice cream. One of their signature moves is that when they are handing you your concrete, the server will turn the cup upside-down, just to show you how solid your dessert really is, like real setup concrete. Back in the day, we were regulars at Ted Drewes, visiting it about once a week. Nowadays, we only go there for special occasions, like when we have out-of-town visitors or for events like the solstice. 

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