Happy Father’s Day!

Anne took me out to Roosters for my Father’s Day brunch. Pictured are our two ordered crepes. I had the sweet lemon crepe with blueberry jam, while Anne had the savory goat cheese and tomato jam one. Later, our waiter waxed effusively over Anne’s tomato jam. When we got there the wait was an hour, but they have a texting system that eventually called us when our table was ready. This allowed us to tour South Grand. We headed straight to Jay’s International Food Company next door. I had recently seen a recipe for Japanese Mentaiko noodles and knew that Jay’s was my best bet to find some of this recipe’s more unusual ingredients like Mentaiko, which is a type of roe. Fish eggs, fish eggs, jolly, jolly fish eggs. We did eventually find it, with the help of much of the staff, including the manager, in the frozen foods section, but held off buying it until after brunch. Returning home, we began what soon became a marathon round robin calling all the dads. We started with my father, then Dave, our son and soon to be dad and then Anne’s father, Harry. Finally, Dan called me for Father’s Day on his way out to play 40K with some other people’s dads. We are now up to date.

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