Geneva, NY


The last three weeks has been all about honoring one end of our family, venerating our elders. First my dad and now Anne’s. Harry seems to be doing fine and Jane will pick up Jay at the airport today. It is now time to switch gears a bit and give some love to the other end of the age spectrum. We are in Geneva, NY to attend a baby shower for Maren and David’s expected child. We drove through Canada, which has lifted all Covid restrictions. Going into Canada, the customs agent upon learning that we only planned to drive straight thru to New York, asked us aren’t we going to even look at Niagara Falls? We told her, “Next time we’ll look at the falls.” Last night, Kim and Bruce hosted a shower’s eve pizza party. All their immediate family was there, both two and four footed. Maren is definitely showing. Today is the main event, to be held at a family favorite pub nestled among the finger lakes. Stay tuned!

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