Something to Think About

Contemplation – A Montage of Paul Gauguin, Maurice Beznos

I am in Ann Arbor now, together again with Anne. I made it in time for her birthday. Everything is fine, even if both of us are in the hospital now. I left the Lou on Saturday. I did not want to have the car hanging around the house any longer than necessary. There is a squirrel still on the loose there. The drive was fine. Indianapolis has reopened I-70 through downtown, after two long years of having to go around the city that was an unexpected treat. I made good time, only stopping three times, twice for gas and once for lunch at McDonalds, then I passed Gas City. Yeah, not just a dad joke, but also a fart joke too. Harry seems OK, even if he could not explain the Schrodinger’s cat paradox to me and did not laugh at what I told him Albert Einstein had said about the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle, “I do not believe that God plays dice with the universe.” Both were subjects that he had raised having just finished a book on the subject. Far be it for me to contravene the Coven, after all I am just a flying monkey, but I think that he will be fine. Oh, and about our own hospital stay, we are at St. Joe’s. Staying in its McAuley Inn, a residence for families with people in that hospital or otherwise giving care around town.

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