Fruit of the Rain

Lupin, Poppies and Green Grass

When we first arrived in California, it was warmer then forecasted. Speaking with Californians here this spate of nice weather was a welcomed change from what they had been getting. Their unusually wet winter seems to have taken a toll. The transition from years of drought, with its accompanying fire seasons to the current wet has not been easy. Speaking with them, I was reminded of the year after the polar vortex. The people up in the Soo were still shellshock from that weather. It was sunny an bright when we arrived in California and it stayed sunny for a few days, before the fog began to move in, but even the fog was only a sometime thing, usually in the morning. Now, the fog has given way to rain. Rain in May? It is almost unheard of around here, but into each life a little rain must fall. Tomorrow, we fly ahead of this storm. Flying east we will race ahead of this weather and then wait for it to catch up with us again.

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