Dog Daze

Well, it was not quite the dog days of summer hot, but it was the warmest that it has been so far this spring. Afterwards, I want to turn the AC on at home, not so much for the heat, but because all of the pollen in the air was bothering my allergies. We walked in Tower Grove Park. Driving the new rent-a-car over there, I was reminded how much nicer our RAV4 is. Halfway through our walk, we veered off onto South Grand and had lunch at Roosters. Famous for their crepes, I really love their savory ones, but this time, I tried something different, a sweet lemon tart crepe. It was fantastic. Working our way back to the car, the heat began to take its toll. Tower Grove is a favorite place for summer walks, because all of its trees offer so much shade, but not yet this year.

Lemon Crepe

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