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Doctors sometimes use the expression “no code,” which refers to the doctor jargon term “code,” short for Code Blue, an alert to a hospital’s resuscitation team. If a patient does want to be resuscitated, their code status may be listed as Full Code, which is the opposite of DNR or Do Not Resuscitate. I only mention this because yesterday, I had my annual Medicare physical. A Medicare physical is different than a normal physical primarily because of the questions that are asked: “Have you fallen recently?” “How many times have you fallen?” “Is anyone hurting you?” “Are you feeling sad?” “How do you feel?” Anyway, this time around I could fill out their questionnaire online, before my appointment. One subject that the questionnaire did not cover was end of life arrangements. This was the second time that my physician asked be about this subject and since I had not done anything, he took the initiate and checked me off as Full Code. To justify this action, he explained that “At your age you are likely to bounce back after almost anything.” Good to know.

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