Hot and Cold

For Costa Rica I imagined it would be heat, sun and rain, but never did I think cold. Another traveler brought up their weather app yesterday morning at Trogon. It showed 41 degrees for the low and the app referred to the locale as Siberia, Costa Rico. A place where some locals refer to as the tropical tundra. That all changed when we came down out of the mountains. First though we popped above 11,000 feet in a pass. Then as we descended the heat in the bus was turned off and the AC switched on. We are now glamping near sea level, by the Pacific coast, at Rafiki Lodge. Our room is a tent with full bath and real beds, tiled and wood flooring. Here we have temps in the high eighties and humidity that is even higher. Just like Saint Louis in the summer, but here with no AC. The restaurant and bar are under a palm thatched roof. Just before we got here, we stopped for lunch in a neighboring village that supplies most of the lodge’s workers. We were treated to an excellent traditional home cooked food and an eye opening look at rural Costa Rican life. Their small yard supplied many of the meal’s ingredients. At the lodge, we met one of the owners, a young South African, who gave us a different take on Costa Rico’s eco-tourism.

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