Cleveland’s Major Award

Cleveland is home to the newly rechristened Guardians MLB team and is also where the movie, A Christmas Story, was set. A key plot element of that movie is the arrival of Ralphie’s father’s special award. This prize was won in a contest. It is a hideous looking lamp that his father adores, but his mother detests. Pictured is a Guardian’s themed send up of the movie’s disembodied fishnet clad woman’s leg. You say potato. I say tomato. Let’s call the whole thing off. One thing that I wish that I could call off is the former guy’s latest scam. The day before, when he announced a “major announcement” was coming, I imagine that few people had non-fungible token trading card versions of himself portrayed as a superhero. I cannot begin to count how many years ago it must have been that he managed to look as svelte as he is portrayed in any of those images. Already the meme makers have created more contemporary and realistic versions, where all his rolls of fat bulge out everywhere from his spandex clad attire. One man’s special award is another’s major announcement. I just wish that I could call the whole thing off.


9 thoughts on “Potato—Tomato

      • Apparently it’s one the griftiest grift that has ever been grifted.
        So not only is Trump shilling NFTs of himself as superhero “trading” cards, but, in the purchase contract explains that the purchaser has to “kick back” 10% of any secondary sales to the publisher. Although I’m not an expert in these matters, I have never eard of such an arrangement.

      • What’s that quote attributed to Phineas Barnum?” No one ever went broke overestimating how easily a fool can be separated from his money.”

      • Oh gosh Chris, you don‘t want to be included in the drawing for valuable gifts like dinner with the grifter himself. Airfare & hotel of course, are not included!

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