Foggy New River Gorge Bridge

Foggy New River Gorge Bridge

I slept well last night. Still, we got up early. For breakfast, we walked about half as much as the day before. We walked to Wild Eggs, a well-reviewed greasy spoon. I ordered their award-winning signature dish, Kelsey KY Brown (toasted sourdough bread, roasted turkey, applewood smoked bacon, diced tomatoes, white cheddar moray a fried egg and smoked paprika). A KY Brown is a local Louisville delicacy. Rumored to have been created by a Mr. Brown, proprietor of the Brown Hotel, located a few blocks from Wild Eggs. I mentioned yesterday that Louisville is famous for its bourbon. The thing about bourbon is that it sometimes leads to overindulgence. It was after one of those nights that Bown whipped up that first batch of KY Browns, in order to help sober up some of his guest that were having trouble getting going the next day.

We eventually hit the road and almost immediately hit rain. We ended up driving to West Virginia, through rain and fog and mountain passes. It was grueling. We arrived at New River Gorge just before sundown. We saw the visitor’s center and toured the bridge overlooks. Tomorrow it is supposed to snow, but hopefully not stick, because we have big plans.

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