Toddler Town

Blue-hooded Batsman

Yesterday, we went to the City Museum, which is always frenetic, and I think that it was a bit too much for Corwin. He spent most of his time playing in the pool of balls. The one in Toddler Town, which was mostly a refuge from the bigger kids, mostly. I’m not sure which he found scarier, all of the dark with monsters or the older kids running around there. He seemed the most content playing in our front yard’s dirt at the end of the day. This activity was repeated today, when we went to the new Nature’s Playscape in Forest Park. We found a sandbox a couple of cups that had been left there and he was good to go and go and go. We had to drag him away to lunch, which was at the Peacock Diner in the Loop. We saw the owner of the Loop, Joe Edwards, dining there.

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