Drunken Bricklaying

Drunk Bricklaying

A bit of rain last night and again this morning signaled that a cold front had come through town. Bringing with it a day or two of delightfully cooler weather, before the mercury begins its steady climb again. I turned off the air conditioner and threw open some window and allowed some of this cooler air inside. It cooled down so quickly that Anne closed one of the windows and threw on a hoodie too. Anne’s reaction to the change in weather led me to some concern for her sister Jane, who is this weekend up at Lake Superior, closing the cabin down for the winter. Not to worry though, because it is warmer there than it is here today. The pictured brick wall is not the result of alcohol abuse but was built this way by design. I imagine that the master mason required some convincing to do this work.

It being so much cooler today than it was yesterday, we decided to go back to the Clayton art fair. We even had to layer up. Instead of walking though, we drove to the edge of downtown. From there it was only a few blocks to the fair. We saw the rest of the art fair and actually bought a photo too.

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