Female Goldeneye

Another day, another new species photographed, at least here at the cabin. I’ve seen Goldeneyes before, around Saint Louis, but this is the first one that I’ve seen up here on Lake Superior. It was swimming quite close to shore, when I first spied it from the cabin, but by the time that I had dashed down to the beach, it had moved offshore a bit, but not too far. We went grocery shopping today and even though we had a list, we missed getting several important items. Next time. On the way into town, we took a circuitous route. We dropped down to M-28, because of the 6 Mile detour, but instead of taking I-75 into the Soo, we headed east past M-129 to Riverside Dr. This reminds me of a joke that Anne just told me. A state trooper pulls over a car on M-28. After the officer walks up to the vehicle the man driving asks the cop if he was speeding. The trooper said no, if anything you were driving too slowly. The speed limit on this road is 65 MPH. Then the officer notice that the driver seemed really nervous and not only that so did all of his passengers. The cop asked them what was wrong and why was he only doing 28 MPH. It seems that the driver thought that the M-28 sign was a speed limit sign and the reason that everyone in the car was so jittery, was that they had just turned off of M-129. On Riverside, we did a Weight Watcher’s drive by of Clyde’s (just slowing enough to smell the grease) and continued on into town to cruise tourist row along Portage. We were hunting license plates. Anne only needs one more state to get her fifty, West Virginia. We drove both up and down Portage, but still no joy. Is this another thing that we can blame on Joe Manchin? It is a beautiful beach day, warm, a bit of an inshore breeze to keep the bugs away (more or less) and plenty of sunshine.

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