Common Loon

Common Loon

We were walking the beach this afternoon, while returning from Doelle’s, we stopped to speak with Judd, who had just returned from his circumnavigating road trip around Lake Michigan. He told us that he had just seen a pair of loons down the beach towards his parent’s cabin. Since, we were head down that way anyway, we bade him a welcome back and a goodbye and walked on to investigate. Sure enough, we saw two loons that were floating off Birch Point. One floated into shore close enough to give us a nice photo. I then headed back to our cabin to get the loon caller. It is a wheel shaped disk that is suspended on two strings, with wooden handles on each end. You twist the two strings together, so that when you pull on the handles, wheel spins, emitting a loon sounding call. An easier approach would have been to just play the loon’s call in the iBird app on my phone, but people complain when you do that. They say that making bird sounds with the app stresses the birds. So how is this Loon Tunes device any different? Well, I bought it at the Seney National Wildlife Preserve’s gift shop and if they were afraid that it might stress the birds, then they would not have been selling it. By the time that I got back with the Loon Tunes device, three kayakers had launched out towards the island, which scared the birds away a bit. I could still see them though and when I played the loon tunes one of the loons, probably the male, made a display by rising up out of the water and flapping its wings. He was probably trying to scare away a potential rival, me.

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