Frank + Kathy

The Quilt that Kathy Made for Maren and David

Yesterday, Frank and Kathy arrived via Amtrak. They had taken the train cross-country from Sacramento to Chicago. That train had been delayed because of a boulder in the middle of the tracks, while passing through the mountains. They then spent a couple of nights in the Windy City, before coming to town. We picked them up downtown, gave them an impromptu tour by way of looking for Schlafly’s Tap Room, where we scored a wee bit to eat. Afterwards, we brought them home and then sat out on the back porch. Where it was cool enough, but still a bit too humid, after all of the rain that morning. Today’s weather is much nicer. I fixed dinner, Dave’s chicken shish-kabobs recipe and a cantaloupe and avocado salad.

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