Bye, Bye, Boston

Middlesex Fells Hikers

Yesterday, we bade farewell to Maren and David and Puck. After a heart heathy hike at the Middlesex Fells, they took us to Logan. A fell (from Old Norse) is a high and barren landscape feature, such as in this case a moor-covered hill. We didn’t have a direct flight home, so we laid over in Charlotte. Interestingly, we reboarded the same airplane that had flown us south for our leg home. It wasn’t supposed to be like that but an earlier flight to Saint Louis had been delayed and then scheduled to depart after ours had left. We ended up in the exact same seats that we had had before. It wasn’t that late when we landed in the Lou, but I was tired. Too tired to deal with Uber, so we hailed a cab instead. We are home now, and everything is fine here. Thank you, Joanie! We have today and about half of tomorrow to put our finishing touches on the house in preparation for our house guests, Frank and Kathy, who arrive tomorrow afternoon by train. The hits folks, they just keep on coming. Do I look cross-eyed?

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