Boston Aquarium

For me, everyday is Saturday, but Friday was still a workday for both Maren and Dave. In the morning Dave worked to get a rush update released and in the evening Maren had a graduation related function to host. Covid has scared this long planned family holiday weekend. First, Maren’s parents had to demure from coming to Boston, because of a positive Covid test. Then between Dan and Britt, they also scored a single positive test, just before they were expected to arrive here. So, they won’t be coming either. We will have to soldier on without them. A large part of the day was spent walking Puck. She gets three walks a day. Accompanying her on all these walks, it is not hard getting your steps. In the afternoon we took the T downtown to the aquarium. Boston has a lovely aquarium. We all got to see all of the it, before Maren had to sky for her MIT event. The rest of us walked around Faneuil Hall Marketplace for a while, before heading to the T, then back home again and another Puck themed walkathon. On the way back up the hill, stick in mouth, she did a little dance of joy for us. The drugs that I have been taking, have worked wonders with my dog allergies on this trip. In the evening, we met up with Maren at Legal Seafood, for a scrumptious dinner. We even got to share a bottle of Bruce’s favorite riesling there and I thought later that we should have toasted those who could not make it there.

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