My Just Desserts

My Just Desserts

Today is Anne’s birthday, so we went up to the Riverlands to do some birding together. She could have picked some better weather for the day. It was cool and windy, with occasionally misting rain, which left us out on our own, with no one else about, except for lots and lots of birds. Across the slough, we saw a family of four Bald eagles, the parents and two offspring. A few pelicans were still about, but most of them have already headed north. Speaking of migration, this week lights around the Arch will be left off, so as not to interfere with the spring bird migration. With not too many big birds around, it was left to the little birds to pick up the slack. Notable among the many species seen, were Indigo buntings, which are way bluer than Bluebirds. I also saw a pair of flying lemons, Yellow warblers. We didn’t get in all that many steps before the siren song of lunch began calling us. We head across the Mississippi, into Alton and dined at My Just Desserts. We split the lunch special, a pesto-turkey grilled cheese sandwich, along with a cup of soup. As a sign in the restaurant says, order dessert first, which we did, a slice of Ozark berry pie, containing blue, black and strawberries. After lunch, the rain had picked up again, so we just headed home. A little damp around the edges, but still a very successful birthday outing.

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