Seniors on the Beach – Chris, Anne and I

Bright and blustery marked the day, hence the sunglasses and general coverup. We went to Asilomar which is a state beach, but also the original home of the TED talks. We enjoyed the beach portion of Asilomar. It was very windy, which made finding a parking place along the beach very easy, compared to most weekends. Earlier, on this vacation, we had been experiencing balmy, almost tropical weather for Monterey, but now the worm has turned. Yesterday, at the naval facility, it was cold and windy. Today, was pretty much the same. Tomorrow, clutch your pearls, it might even rain. Today, we walked about a mile along the coast. Saw a few sea bird species and then photographed fewer still. Still, coming from flyover land every minute on the coast is precious. In other new, I fixed my asparagus-salmon dish for dinner that I have perfected to the point of permutation. This last rendition was a great success with the locals.

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