Harbor Seal and Pup

Wednesday, we flew to California to visit my father and brother. We flew to San Jose, via Sin City, where we had a tight connection, but made our next plane just in time. This second jet turned out to be a 737 MAX, yes, that plane. When I informed Anne of this fact, she told me that she wished that I hadn’t told her of this. Boeing may still be experiencing some quality issues with this their newest product, because Anne noticed peeling paint on the nacelle of the engine that we were sitting next to and when I went to the back to use the lavatory only one of the two was available, because two flight attendants were struggling to open the door to other one, not too good for a brand-new aircraft. We made it though, landed safely and you know what they always say, any flight that you can walk away from is a good one, but I think that that is rather a low bar to set.

We have been living high on the hog since our arrival here. Last night, we went to Chris and Dad’s go to restaurant, the Rio Grill. This nice place is located at the entrance to Carmel Valley, across Highway 1 from Carmel by the Sea, a very nice neighborhood. This morning we had to get up and get out early, because the housekeeper was coming. We and Chris first went to Katy’s Place for breakfast. This perennial Carmel by the Sea favorite only accepts cash, so you know that it is a good place to eat. After breakfast, we went to Point Lobos, where they were having seal pupping season. We saw about half-a-dozen mom-pup pairs. After Point Lobos, we stopped in Monterey for some ice cream and returned home.

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