Toxic Waste Dump

Yesterday, I cleaned out of the basement the 30+ years of paints and other toxic chemicals that have accumulated. There was almost 200 pounds of the stuff, pictured above, in the rear of the RAV4. Today, Anne and I drove to the county’s north facility for handling household hazardous waste and dropped the load off there for eventual disposal. It cost more than a hundred dollars to be able to do that. It is a good thing that we did that, because our next stop was the Riverlands bird sanctuary on the Mississippi River. I wouldn’t want to see any of their fowl to become fouled. It appears that the Trumpeter swans have already departed for parts north again. We certainly didn’t see any of them there. Plus, the Corps was conducting controlled burns around the inland pools, where these swans usually hangout and I don’t think that they would do this is the swans were still around. We did see quite a few White pelicans and more than a few Bald eagles, plus various other smaller birds. For lunch, we treated ourselves at Just Desserts, which is in Alton, Illinois. There, we split a chicken salad sandwich and a piece of Cherries in the Snow pie. At Just Desserts, you have to order your pie first.

White Pelican

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  1. I am trying to do the same here I don’t have as much so I also started painting yesterday to use up all my extras, but we have one day a year here in my area of NH usually October where they let us dispose of paint and chemicals.

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