Born to Be Wild

Ottawa Parliament Building Lightshow

Get your motor running
Head out on the highway
Looking for adventure
In whatever comes our way…

We got our RAV4 back yesterday. Anne and Joanie had a knitting engagement nearby the dealership, so afterwards, Joanie dropped Anne off at the dealer’s and then Anne drove the car home. No more smell of gasoline, instead they put something that they called new car smell to mask any lingering odor. It is good to have wheels again. I had planned on picking up a rent-a-car yesterday, when Toyota called to tell me that the car was ready. A short while later, I got a text from our bank indicating that the insurance company had direct deposited their part of the settlement. All-in-all we were extremely lucky that we didn’t lose the car or worse, because this is not a good time to be buying a car. On Monday, when I dropped the vehicle off to be serviced, I overheard a conversation between one of the car salesmen and one of his friends. The friend asked the salesmen how business was going, to which the salesmen complained that they had hardly any cars to sell. They only had one new car on the lot and a hundred of the hundred and fifty new cars that were going to be soon delivered had already been sold—supply chain issues that were first brought on by the pandemic but are now being exacerbated by a Canadian trucker’s blockade of the border. The truckers are protesting vaccine mandates. Michigan’s auto makers are routinely fed parts from Canadian suppliers, but it is not a simple one-way transfer. I heard on NPR this week that a given auto part could cross the border seven times, as it works its way through the manufacturing process, before it is finally installed on a vehicle. I have no sympathy for the truckers on any of the anti-vaccine lot. What they are being asked to do is no great hardship and their denial of doing what is right, is simply a selfish gesture.

4 thoughts on “Born to Be Wild

  1. Glad you got your car back. Ours is still hostage, waiting for a part. This morning the woman said she heard they went to the wrong dealership yesterday. If we really needed it, the car is drivable. But we tend to walk, and there is always the second car.

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