Door Mount

Winter storm Landon is coming to town at almost forty years to the day that Saint Louis was hit by its most powerful snowstorm in living memory. In 1982 Anne and I had attended a matinee at the neighborhood theater and were greeted with thunder snow, when we exited the show. We had been scheduled to have dinner that evening across town with friends but begged off because of the weather. If we had gone, we would have surely been stranded there for days. The next day, we woke to a winter wonderland. We lived closer to Forest Park then, then now. We were also much younger then. We strapped on our cross-country skis and headed over to the park. Passing the zoo, we asked a zoo worker is the zoo was open or not. He thought for a second or two and said that none of the buildings would be open, but sure come on in. We followed him through a service gate that had been wedged open just enough to squeeze through. The sea lions were having a great time. One concession stand was open, and we went inside for some hot chocolate and a warmup. There were about half-a-dozen zoo workers inside. Workers close enough to the zoo that they could make it into work. One of them announced that he had already fed 200 herbivores that day. We got twenty inches and the city was shut down for a week. Over the radio a call went out to people who owned four-wheel drive vehicles to help ferry, doctors, nurses and police officers through the snow. Landon isn’t expected to be anywhere near as bad. It will begin as rain tonight, turning to ice by morning, before switching over to snow. It looks like we will get between 4-8”, but that could still change. In true Saint Louis tradition, I went to the grocery store today. It was mobbed with people buying milk, bread and eggs. The line of carts for checkout extended from the front of the store to the back. The news tonight will probably feature bare shelves. Most of these forecasted winter storms turn to bust, but even four inches would be more snow than we’ve seen all winter. After the store, I raised the windshield wipers on the RAV4 and brought the ice scrapper inside the house. We should be able to get one more walk in, before the rain. Then it is time to wait for the storm. There was a glorious sunrise this morning—red sky at morn, sailor take warn.

2 thoughts on “Landon

  1. That day at the zoo sounds amazing! I am in Texas and just an inch or two of snow can bring everything to a halt here, and I relish those days when nothing happens, but I have never gone on any special outings like that.

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