Fifty Years Ago

Ann Arbor Monorail

Fifty years ago, yesterday, Anne and I had our first date. I took her to a concert, a rock concert that was held at our high school, Pioneer, in Ann Arbor. That’s right folks, we were high school sweethearts. It was our senior year. The concert’s bill was headlined by Bob Seger, yes that Bob Seger and also featured the MC5. Seger was also a Pioneer alum and had not yet reached the fame that he would later achieve. He was then a locally known, Detroit area musical act, as were the MC5. That night, I picked Anne up in what would eventually become my white VW bug. I came to her front door, knocked and was welcomed inside. Her entire family was there to see us off. We drove to the high school and went inside the auditorium. Some people danced in the aisles, but we were too shy for that. Instead, we held hands while seated and swung our arms together in time to the music. After the concert, I took her home. It would have been hard to believe on that night that some fifty years later we would still be a thing, but it’s true. About that time, Ann Arbor was considering building a monorail system for public transportation. A proposal for such a system was put before the Ann Arbor city council. This project never went anywhere, except to inspire Ann Arbor graphic artist Chris Bidlack to create this poster.

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