Snow Daze

Anne on a Snowy Saturday Morning Walk

It snowed here, we were supposed to get 3-5”, but if we got anything, it was less than an inch. What’s more, it didn’t even stick to the pavement. In the end, we probably did get more than an inch, but because the temperature was hovering around freezing, the snow was melting almost as fast as it was coming down. What we were left with was not even enough accumulation to cover the grass on Art Hill. Except that there was enough snow on the grass to cover and hide the paper. Earlier, I had convinced Anne to go out and fetch the paper, even though we couldn’t see it. It had to be there, probably, hiding behind the stairs. Later, about when I was going to go out and post some bills, paper’s the blue plastic wrapping had poked itself through the snow. A short trip to the post office and even shorter trip around back to dump the trash and recycling will be enough of a winter wonderland experience for me today. Thank you very much. The photo with this post is from ten years ago, before we had totally screwed up the environment.

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