Teach Peace

Teach Peace

Yesterday, we finally got around to putting up our Christmas decorations. First though, we tried to get a tree, but all of our regular favorite tree lots were bare, supply chain shortage. We also failed to find any boughs. We do have some evergreens on the front door that we snagged a week ago. We resorted to putting up a few ornaments on the mantel, over the dining table and around the living room. It still looks pretty good. Dan made it home late last night after a marathon 900-mile drive from Brooklyn. I had already gone to bed, but Anne was still up to welcome him. I had another eye doctor appointment today. Everything is going well. What used to be my bad eye, my left eye is now my best eye and has 20/20 vision. What used to be my good eye, my right eye is now no longer the best with 20/30 vision, although it might improve some more still. I’m still taking bunches of eye drops, but their numbers continue to decline. Overall, I am very satisfied with the results from my surgeries. I’ll see the surgeon once more in the new year.

Because of Omicron, we will not be going to the Saint Louis Blues hockey as originally planned. Dave had asked to go a few weeks ago, but now he and Maren don’t feel comfortable being in a crowd. I had bought the four tickets through StubHub, so I could try to sell them on that platform, but I wouldn’t get all of my money back that way. I’m hoping that the game next week gets postponed, because then I’ll get more favorable treatment. The Blues two games between now and that game have already been postponed. If in the unlikely event the game gets cancelled, I would actually make money on the deal. Something similar occurred in 2020 after I had booked camping reservations for our planned trip during that year. Because of the pandemic all my reservations got cancelled and I got a full refund, instead of the only half refund I would have gotten otherwise. I’m hoping that lightning strikes twice.

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