Who You Gonna Call?

Lice Busters

If there’s something strange
On your head
Who you gonna call?
Lice Busters!
If you’re seeing things
Running through your hair
Who can you call?
Lice Busters!
I ain’t afraid of no lice

It’s December and I’m walking around town in shorts and a t-shirt. Is that crazy or what? With no doctor appointments today, Anne and I decided to get a start on our Christmas Shopping. Putting our heads together, we caught a wickedly wonderful idea for gift giving this year. Tooling around Webster Grove, we encounter a slew of eclectic shops to choose from, but shopping this year is still so difficult. So many people are not into stuff anymore and then there is that whole supply chain issue too. It is either don’t get me anything or I already have everything that I want or sorry, we are all out of that. This anti-materialism makes it hard to find the perfect gift, the gift that recipients will remember you by all year long. So, we scratched our heads and conceived the thought of going counter to conventional gift giving norms, by giving something that no one wants. Anne is a very fast knitter and she can easily knit caps for everyone on our shopping list. I can help by adding a secret ingredient to each hat. As soon as a cap comes off the needles, I’ll put it on my head, test driving it sort of speak. Then mail it right off to the next intended lucky boy or girl on our X-mas list. I’ll write on each package: perishable, do not wait until Christmas to open. So, maybe next holiday season people will be more forthcoming with gift ideas.

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