I saw this gorgeous ginkgo tree driving home from the grocery store today. It is a riot of yellow. It had dropped some of its leaves already, but it still has a lot leaves on its limbs. Ginkgo trees tend to drop all of there leave almost at once. This tree is large for a ginkgo and I suspect that in a day or two this tree’s branches will be bare, like most of the other ginkgo trees that we saw while later walking around our neighborhood. As of today most ginkgo trees have already lost their leaves, dropping them neatly below the trees.

We got a package that was sent by my brother Chris. In it were two posters that were created from two of his latest photos, Pacific Grove and Big Sur. You can see them by clicking on Chris’s Flickr feed on the right. We’ll put them up in the computer room, which only has north facing windows, to prevent sun damage.  

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