Indian Summer

Anne in an Adirondack Chair

We’ve been enjoying one more and maybe the last gasp of Indian summer. Both yesterday and today, we’ve had highs in the seventies. Shorts weather in mid-November. Yesterday, we walked around Tower Grove Park. It was a beautiful day. This morning, we did a walk in the neighborhood. After lunch, I went to the store to get some groceries. It was 73 ºF when I went in and 55 ºF when I came out. It dropped almost twenty degrees in less than an hour. We’ll keep the new red chairs out, until our tree loses all of its leaves, but that has already begun to happen.

At the store, I held off buying a turkey breast just yet, because they still had plenty left and the one I looked at would have had to be frozen and then thawed again before Thanksgiving. I figure if I wait another day or two, I might be able to avoid all of that. Anne added to my shopping list fixings for a Weight Watchers friendly pie, featuring a ginger snap cookie pie crust. Unfortunately, there were no ginger snap cookies to be had. A Nabisco rep was in the aisle stocking and gave me the bad news. Their plant had been closed until about a month ago. Its reopened, but is filling orders for its mainstream products first.

After I left the store and was still navigating the parking lot, I came upon four plainclothes police officers. I knew that they were cops, because they were all wearing matching bulletproof vests, with Police stenciled across their backs. They were obviously looking for someone and they were also just as obviously obstructing traffic, but I eventually got around them all. I have no idea what they were involved in, or even what flavor of police they might have been.

A few years ago, about this time of year, I witnessed another police action just outside this grocery store. Tony’s is arguably the best restaurant in town. It is where I took Anne to propose to her. Back then Tony’s was still in its original location, on the near northside of downtown. One of its signature features was that when the maître de seated you, he would climb the flight of stairs to the dining room backwards, facing you and announce the specials of the day. What I saw on that day, a few years ago, was the proprietor of Tony’s being interviewed by a police officer. As it came out later, he had been working in his front yard, sort of halfway between our house and the grocery store, when he was accosted by two men. One man held the man’s wife hostage, while the other made the husband drive him to the grocery store and withdraw money from the ATM. A security guard noticed something suspicious about the pair and called the cops. Both captors fled and the wife was rescued. About this time, our neighbor Joanie saw a woman police officer running down her street with her sidearm in hand. I think that everyone was alright in the end, if a little shaken up.

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