Paint It Red

Our Red Maple is at peak color right now. It sits in the middle of our front yard and is nicely complemented by our new red Adirondack furniture sitting beneath it on the front porch. After a cloudy week, the sun came out to light the tree up and allowing it to blaze red for all the cameras. Soon though all of those pretty red leaves will fall to the ground, leaving the tree standing there naked. When that happens, it will be time to put away in the basement the Adirondack furniture and then pull out of said basement our Christmas lights. Our Christmas lights being an old beater bicycle that I have festooned with a candy cane colored rope of light. It makes for a merry display. But I’m getting ahead of myself, because although there is a certain chill in the air, it is not yet winter here. I’m not even certain that we have had our first frost yet. Frost has been forecasted already, but I don’t think that it was able to penetrate this far into the city, what with the heat island effect. There are still flowers blooming here. Besides, this weekends chill will soon be gone and another round of warmth is forecasted for this coming week. It might get into the seventies again!

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