Medicine Man

Lakota Doctor’s Bag, 1890

I’ve been on a bit of a doctor’s run of late. Starting last Friday, Anne and I got our Covid booster. Then on Monday, I got a Boostrix (Tdap) vaccine. Tuesday, I was scheduled to meet with my prospective eye surgeon for a consult for my new bionic eyes, but he had called in sick that day and I was not informed until I showed up at his office. I had to reschedule. I hope that he doesn’t have Covid. Today, Anne and I have back-to-back dentist appointments. “You really need to floss more often.” That should be the end of it, at least until next month.

Yesterday, with some unexpected free time, what with my unexpected cancelled appointment, Anne and I headed over to Forest Park and explored the new nature playscape there. It was nice touring it for once when it was not so hot out. It made for a short walk. Returning home, we assembled our other red Adirondack chair. This one we put together on the carpet in the living room, which made the job much easier on our knees. We should get the matching table tomorrow, which will complete the set, but really our new porch furniture set won’t be complete until our front yard red maple turns scarlet, in a couple of weeks or so.

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