Falling Into Fall

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Red October has arrived! The Saint Louis Cardinals postseason playoffs begin today. Having snagged a wildcard berth the Redbirds must endure the single elimination Wildcard session to advance. Today, the Cards face the Dodgers in LA. The winner of tonight’s game will go on to play in the divisional playoff series. I hope that Saint Louis is victorious, otherwise it will be a very short post season this year.

Meanwhile back on the ranch, cooler weather has ushered in more of a Fall-like feel. We’ve turned off the AC, at least for a while and opened some of the windows. After we went to bed last night, through the relative stillness of the night, we both heard the short chirp of a police siren, probably pulling over someone. I joked to Anne that the cops were coming for her, because (wait for it) she sewed a crooked seam. She has been working hot and heavy on the MAD quilt, for which she only has a week left to work on it. Last week she had assembled and quilted all sixteen approximately 24” square block sandwiches. Because of the quilt design that she has selected these were only open-faced sandwiches, there was no backs on them. As of today, she has combined those sixteen smaller blocks into four mega-blocks that now also have the back applied. Her next step will be to combine all of the blocks into one king sized. The steps after that will be to first fashion and then attach a border. I’m sure that there is a myriad of other steps, but I am not privy to all of that. If only she would speak to me about her quilting. If only …

2 thoughts on “Falling Into Fall

  1. Just want to point out that the Cardinals don’t play until tomorrow. We are going to watch with our seatmates while eating Chicago style deep dish pizza.
    And I am sure the quilt will be completed and fabulous.

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