All Stars

Anne’s New Bedazzled Converse All Stars

Jay sent Anne this photo of Anne’s newly bedazzled Converse All Star sneakers. Jay has glammed shoes for Anne, Jane and herself. All three sisters plan on wearing their stunning and coordinated Chucks together for Maren and Dave’s wedding next month. Anne went with high tops, while Jay and Jane went low tops. Anne had to ask if her high tops would make her taller than her sisters? It was really generous of Jay to do this project, because Anne’s crafty dance card is pretty full these days. Number one on her plate being the MAD quilt, which as of Saturday Anne had finished quilting the front face of all sixteen blocks. She still has the backside to do and then a border to be complete. Sunday though she switched projects and began working on the canopy for the chuppah, which she should knockout pretty quickly.

Saturday night, we took Joanie out to dinner for her birthday (It was a big one for her!).  For the restaurant she chose Cunetto’s House of Pasta, which is definitely not Weight Watchers friendly. I must admit that I was more than a little leery about her choice, because of Covid. Cunetto’s is always crowded, which usually results in a long wait in the bar before you are seated. Back in the day, the bar was always very smoky too. Thankfully, at least that is no longer a problem anymore, but the prospect of waiting in the bar seemed to me to be rather problematic. To prevent this circumstance, we showed up early, half-an-hour before the place even opened. we were first in line and were seated first. We got a table in the corner, where we enjoyed a scrumptious Covid free meal.  

Speaking of All Stars, how about those Cards? On September 12th we attended a Cardinal’s ballgame at Busch. The Redbirds won, which kicked off a winning streak that became the longest winning streak in the club’s almost 130-year history. They have become red hot the second half of this month, peaking just in time for the playoffs. On Sunday, they won their sixteenth game in a row and return to Saint Louis to finish the regular season. The Cardinals magic number is down to one now, for a wildcard playoff berth. It looks like a red October. 

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