Johnson & Johnson & Me

Coronavirus, David Goodsell, 2020

Last March, Anne and I drove halfway across Missouri (Road Trip!) to snag our one-and-done Johnson & Johnson Covid vaccines. At the time, medical authorities were advising everyone who want a vaccine to take the first available one and not pay too much attention to overall relative effectiveness of the different vaccines. We managed to get ours in the first week that the J&J shot became available. At the time there was already some evidence that the J&J vaccine was the lesser of the choices, but we followed orders and took it, because it was available first. Subsequently, with the rise of the Delta variant members of the Pfizer Fanatics or Moderna Mob, our smugly double-dosed compatriots have been clamoring for a third booster shot, to super charge their already superior immunity. Not to be outdone, Johnson & Johnson recently announced that a second dose of their vaccine boosted immunity from 65% to 95%. 65%? I seem to remember that its effectiveness was higher than that before. Now both the FDA and the CDC, our famously clearly communicating medical authorities have approved a third Pfizer shot to boost immunity for old farts, like me. Moderna is expected to get approval for a booster soon too, but who knows when J&J will get theirs. This situation begs the question of what to do. Should I wait it out in the hope that the J&J gets approval for a booster soon, before all of my antibodies disappear or should I mix and match? I haven’t seen any guidance on this in the news yet. I guess, I need to ask my doctor.

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