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David and Maren’s Wedding Quilt

Pictured is the Alfresco wedding quilt that Anne is making for Dave and Maren. When taken, she had cut out and sewn together all 64 of its individual blocks. Now she is about halfway through the process of sewing groups of four blocks into 16 bigger blocks. As pictured though they were just laid out on the upstairs carpet. The magenta Post-Its are not part of the quilt. In tandem to assembling the bigger blocks she is also planning how she will quilt the quilt, which will be her next step. Think outlining and echoing. To this end, she appealed to a Facebook quilting group that she belongs to and asked for some crowdsourced advice. The response was overwhelming. In a matter of a few days, she got over a thousand likes and several hundred comments. Most of the comments were messages of appreciation and support, but there was also some good advice given. You can see her feet at the bottom of the photo. A lot of people on Facebook thought that she was standing in a dog’s bed, but it is actually an old ottoman. 

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