Field Trip

Bosse Field

Finally, something to blog about. Our dull humdrum existence was interrupted by a field trip. Yesterday, we did an out-and-back to Evansville, IL. This town is roughly halfway between Saint Louis and Nashville. Rey drove north, while we drove east to meet him. Our mission was to deliver the yellow dresser destined for Corwin. We had picked up said dresser on our last visit to Ann Arbor, trundled it back to Saint Louis, where it sat in the way back of the RAV4 for the better part of a week. On Saturday, we made the handoff. We met Rey for lunch at Turonis Pizzery and Brewery. A haunt of some local fame and long standing. Its Saint Louis style pizza was so good that I burnt the roof of my mouth gobbling it down. I couldn’t wait for it to cool. We next adjourned to the ballgame. Venerable Bosse Field (built in 1915) and the hometown Evansville Otters hosted our home team the Gateway Grizzlies. They reside on the east side, in Illinois, but within our metro area. Rey instructed me that neither of these teams are technically minor league teams. They are unaffiliated with any major league team. Does that make them semi-pro? Anyway, the play was poor, but the tickets were cheap. I guess you get what you pay for. There were multiple errors in most innings. It seemed that Grizzlies commit the majority of them. We were sitting front row, directly behind the catcher. All of the seating was thankfully shaded (90 °F heat) and almost all of it was in foul territory. All except for the Corona patio and we were not willing to go there, what with the delta variant rampaging these days. The heat seemed to plague the Grizzlies more than the Otters. After they suffered a hit batsman that was not called, the Grizzlies manger got ejected, after an argument with the home plate umpire. This spawned a series of almost ejection arguments throughout the rest of the game. The home plate umpire made several more bad calls. We bailed at the top of the eighth, the heat, where the score was 6-1 Otters. The final score was 6-2.

The Cards won on Sunday!

PS – Hurricane update: Dave and Maren didn’t see any rain at all in Boston, while Dan and Britt survived Henri in NYC. More news on the hour…

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