Driving the Big Dig

The Boston tradition of getting over height vehicles stuck apparently dates back further than we thought. High-loaded wagon hitting trolley wire.” The term Storrowed was born from the phenomenon of over height trucks which are often be cut open like a tin can by the low bridges on Boston’s Storrow Drive. In Ann Arbor, at the bottom of Washington, there is a railroad bridge that creates the same effect. We just never knew that there was a name for it.

We landed at Logan, where Maren and Dave picked us up and whisked us away. We went through the Big Dig, the most expensive road construction project. We also drove Storrow Drive. They dropped us at our hotel and then later we walked the few blocks to their place. They live in a nice neighborhood. They made dinner for us, while Puck their dog entertained us. Dave grilled salmon and asparagus, while Maren fixed a salad and then for dessert a cherry galette. It was all so good. After dinner they walked us back to our hotel through a route that seemed much nicer than the one Google had picked for us.

Maren’s Cherry Galette

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