Galley Slaves

Launching the Boat

We moved Dan’s sailboat up off the beach. Brigid, our next-door neighbor, gave us permission to trespass across her property and use her boat ram through the sand berm. Dan, Britt, Anne and I manhandled the boat and trailer, up off the beach, over the berm, through Brigid’s yard and down the Green Tunnel Road to a spot where it can stay until, Bill, our other next-door neighbor will put the boat in his garage for the winter. We had a bit of a going away party last night. Anne made a Blueberry Galette that we shared with Anne and Bill, Et. Al. Today, we drove down to Ann Arbor and once again hit rain in Lansing that slowed our progress, but we made it. We stopped at Jane’s first and left her a car key. We plan on parking our car in front of her place tomorrow, when we fly to Boston. We didn’t get ahold of Harry in time for dinner. He was already dining with his new-old friends. Instead, we ate at the Palm Palace, which was good.

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