Birch Point Deer

Birch Point Deer

We made it to the cabin last night. Drove up from Ann Arbor through Lansing which is our new go-to route to the cabin that avoids most of the traffic on the lower half of i75. Before we left Ann Arbor, we had breakfast with Harry and Jane at the Avalon, which used to be the Pretzel Bell, back in the day. When we got near the cabin, I got stuck behind one of our neighbors who was driving seemingly too slow, at least to me, after having done hours of 75 MPH driving. Good thing though, because a pair of deer popped out of the woods right in front of us and crossed the road. Later, after we had gone to Pickles for dinner and were on our way back, in the same spot as before, a fawn came out of the woods, stood in the middle of the road and stared at us, as I continued to inch closer and closer to it. It stood there for quite a while, before dashing off. The photo is from our last visit north. It also in about the same spot as the other encounters. We had been walking the road when we photographed it. Some say there is a doe with two fawns in the area, others, two does each with a fawn. They probably like all of the gardens in the vicinity.

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