Headed Home

Sunday Morning in Deep Waters

We landed in Ann Arbor last night, the first step on our way home. We came south from the cabin through Lansing, which seemed nicer than traveling I-75 all of the way. It was nicer until we hit Lansing, where rain snarled traffic the rest of the way to Harry’s. We had brought Parmesan-Lemon chicken which everyone seemed to like for dinner. This morning, we successfully loaded the dresser, everything that we had brought down with us and the stuff that Jay had packed and left for us to take home into the RAV4. We could take more, like the boxes of photos, but I don’t want to put weight on the dresser. Taking all of its drawers out, really made it quite light to carry. I could even carry my end of it up the rough and slippery flagstones from the basement one-handed. This left me a free hand to swat mosquitos with. We carried the drawers separately and reinstalled them as we were sliding the dresser into the car. It fit nicely, with room to spare.

It is Art Fair week here in town this weekend and I would like to check it out, but there is a lot still to do around the house. Plus, now that the car is loaded, we would have to walk, which would be fine, so long that it doesn’t rain. The pictured fountain depicts Father Triton and his sons on a “holiday excursion”. It is located near the League, on campus.

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