Droning On and On

Drone Shot of Point Iroquois Lighthouse with Freighters

After everyone that was still left up here left yesterday and Anne went off to her book club meeting, I made a garbage run. On the Res, if you’ve bought one of their special green trash bags, you can drop it off full at their giant trash compactor. I did that and then headed over to the lighthouse for the above drone shot. Eventually, the book club ended and then some members of it adjourned to our cabin, where they came to admire Anne’s “Memory” quilt. This is the quilt that she made for her mother last year, but she passed away before it was done and never saw it. One side is covered with photos of everyone in the family and the other side features the clan’s family tartan. The big news yesterday was that Harry sold his house. Actually, Betsy his realtor did the selling, showing the house to some twenty different interested parties over the course of last weekend. Seven of whom submitted bids for the place. A bidding war ensued, with Harry eventually getting substantial more than his asking price. According to the rules for this bidding war, each buyer had to disclose how high they were willing to go. The winning bidder had been willing to go much higher, but all of the other bidders soon dropped out. They and Harry eventually ended up roughly splitting the difference, between how high they were willing to go and how high they had to go. Basically, a win-win for everyone involved.

Today was laundry day. We do have the cabin all to ourselves, but the price we have to pay is that we also have everyone’s dirty linens too. We got up and out early and were able to snag the biggest washer in the laundromat. We were able to cram everyone’s sheets and towels and all of our dirty clothes into only two washers. We had one problem with one of these washers, when it stopped accepting any more quarters, but the young guy who runs the place showed up then and helped us out. Returning to the cabin, we figured out that we had forgotten to bring one set of sheets for one of the cots. We’ll probably haul that set back to Saint Louis, wash it there and then bring it back up here when we return. All the clock in the cabin were blinking in the forever midnight zone signifying that the cabin had lost power while we were out. Speaking of power, our home in Saint Louis got its power restored. Now, we can go home again.

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  1. Just to clarify, Harry accepted an offer, but the sale isn’t final yet. Inspections to come! Fingers crossed this all goes thru

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