Priceless Princess Possessions

We’ve made it to the cabin! Dan, Britt, Dave and Maren were already here. The Harms are due here tomorrow. We got a late start on the drive north, noon, because Anne and her sisters needed the morning to divvy up Harry’s possessions, before he moves. Unlike King Lear’s three daughters, Harry’s three girls were quite amicable with each other. In fact, I was the only prickly one, because I was anxious about getting on the road, especially when they set Anne down to sort through books, Anne and books could be an all day adventure, but in the end, they accomplished their task and made the noon deadline easily, with minutes to spare. The drive up north was very crowded, lots of traffic, with frequent slowdowns, because of the congestion that lasted almost to the bridge. Anyway, we made it and soon went out for dinner at the Cozy Inn. After all of the traffic, I expected the restaurant to be slammed too, but it was delightfully uncrowded, the calm before this holiday weekend’s storm.

Pictured is Jay, with some of her very old “princess” eyeglasses. They were part of a pile of papers and memorabilia that she was sorting through. She read all of the old letters, showed off to everyone present all of her achievement certificates from days of yore. Puzzled over some of the things in the box, kept some of the stuff, but pitched most of it. I rescued from the trash a collection of misspelled versions of her last name that had been addressed to her, which is very long, leaving lots of room for interpretations and variations. I might someday post this collection. It was fun seeing her stroll down memory lane with us.

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