I’m So Tired

Harbor Seal Mom and Pup

On our last day in Monterey, we did the tourist thing. First Fisherman’s Wharf and then Cannery Row. For lunch, we headed up and away from our fellow tourist. We ended up at Bon Ton L’Roy’s, a BBQ restaurant with a Cajun theme and a decidedly Russian flair, in the form of of our waitress. She was a hoot! Her service was slow and initially rather brusk, but she warmed up to us eventually and even apologized for her behavior, “I’m really not a bad person.” The food was great though, which made everything else irrelevant. We walked back to the car and then drove to Carmel, which was mobbed. Letting everyone else out, I drove around for an hour, before I found a parking spot. I found everyone on Ocean and we then headed down the hill to the ocean. The beach was more crowded than I’ve ever seen it. We then headed home away from the gathering masses. After dinner, we walked the road, giving me 25K steps for the day. This morning I weighed in and had managed to lose a pound, even after all of this past week’s fine dining.

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