Turkish Pots

One of Jackie’s Turkish Pots

This visit our nightly TV regimen begins every evening with episodes of Rick Steves’ travel show, before moving on to our more mundane thirst for murder mysteries. The first one about Paris mentioned the Moulin Rouge. I was surprised to learn that it was still in existence and that Dad had even seen Josephine Baker perform there in 1949. I learned a new phrase, léchage de fenêtre, which means window licking, not to be confused with the British usage of this phrase, here in America it synonymous with window shopping. Another show set in Scotland emphasized the legendary Scottish frugality. In Edinburgh, the castle there fires its big gun everyday to set the clocks of all of the ships in the harbor, at one instead of noon, saving the frugal Scots eleven rounds. We Englishmen enjoyed Anne’s bit of disquiet with Rick’s gentle ribbing. All of this travel showing has excited my wanderlust and I look forward to exploring Europe. Today was weigh-in day and even though we both only loss about half-a-pound each, it still felt like a victory, after spending a week living the lifestyle of the rich and famous. We celebrated at Katy’s in Carmel, Anne had an omelet, Dad had pancakes and I had an eggs Benedick over Dungeness crab. We also toured mom an dad’s first house here in Monterey. They paid $13.5K. Zillow now has it as almost a million. While we were inspecting the property, the home owner showed up and toured us around the yard. When my parents bought the property, it had been stripped bare of trees, but when we viewed the house, it was covered with large trees. What a difference a lifetime makes.

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  1. In Havana Cuba they fire a cannon every night at 9:00 pm. It dates back to Colonial times and signaled that the gates in the city wall were being closed for the night.

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